Program Fosters Financial Shalom for Pastors and Churches

Department: Author: Holly SmallIn February 2017, the Christian Reformed Church in North America launched a new initiative, known as the Financial Shalom Project, to support and sustain pastors for ministry. The project was designed to meet the needs of a growing number of pastors who reported that

Lo Que Me Enseña mi Árbol de Navidad

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansLlegó de nuevo esa época del año cuando muchos de nuestros hogares e incluso algunas de nuestras iglesias están adornadas con luces, guirnaldas, listones y—por supuesto—arboles de Navidad. Aunque originalmente tomado de tradiciones paganas, el árbol de Navidad s

크리스마스 나무가 알려준 것

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans많은 집과 교회에 전구, 꽃, 리본과 그리고 무엇보다 크리스마스 트리로 장식을 하는 계절이 다시 돌아왔습니다. 본래 크리스마스 트리는 이교도의 전통에서 유래했지 어느새 강림절 전통의 빼놓을 수 없는 중심이 되었습니다. 저는 올해는 집에 성탄트리 장식을 어떻게 할까 생각하다가 문득 나무와 관련된 몇 가지 이야기들을 떠올렸습니다.첫번째 이야기는5년여 전, 방송선교부의 투데이 묵상집에서 본 론 밴더웰이 쓴 “지속시키는 믿음” 글을 읽었을 때 문득 깨달은 것입니다. 묵상집

Dios Obrando en Nosotros

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansA principios de este año, el sínodo animó a los ministerios denominacionales a honrar al 400 aniversario del Sínodo de Dort, que se reunió en 1618-19 en la ciudad de Dordrecht en los Países Bajos. El resultado del Sínodo de Dort se redujo a cinco puntos que Jim

우리 안에서 일하시는 하나님

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans올해 초, 총회는 1618-19년 네덜란드 돌트레흐트 시에서 모인 돌트 총회 400주년을 기념하는 교단의 여러 사역들을 승인했습니다. 돌트 총회의 결론은 짐 오스터하우스 저 풀어 쓴 믿음 (Faith Unfolded, 본 교단 눼 디지털 도서관에서 무료로 열람이 가능합니다) 에서 FAITH약자로 설명하는 다섯 가지로 요약됩니다. 인간의 타락 (Fallen humanity), 하나님께 입양됨 (Adopted by God), 의도적인 속죄 (Intentional ato

Conference Looks at Synod of Dort for Today

Department: Author: Chris Meehan Dressed in a tall hat, dark pastor’s robe, and ruffled shirt, and sporting a long white beard, Don Sinnema greeted attendees at this fall’s Synod of Dort Commemorative Conference in the Calvin Theological Seminary auditorium.Sinnema, a retired Trinity Christian Co

Researchers Challenge Calvin Scientist’s Bold Astronomical Prediction

Department: Author: Matt Kucinski Calvin College professor of astronomy Larry Molnar made a bold announcement in 2017—he and his team had identified a binary star in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan, that was a strong candidate to merge and explode in the near future. Known by its Kepler missio

Torn between Love and Abuse

Department: Author: Nancy Vander Meer Elizabeth (name changed) is torn when she looks back on her 27 years of marriage. “It’s like my husband is two different people,” she said.Both Elizabeth and her husband had turned their lives around from, as Elizabeth described it, “a life of horrible binges

God Working in Us

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansEarlier this year, synod encouraged denominational ministries to honor the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dort, which met between 1618-19 in the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands. The outcome of this Synod of Dort boiled down to five points Jim Osterhouse

Circle of Grace

Department: Author: Eric KasAbuse is a topic that many of us avoid because it is so difficult to find the exact right words to use. That’s why it is important to discover a new shared language to talk about a topic that has been ignored for far too long.About five years ago, Safe Church Ministry be

Growing Faith and Coffee

Department: Author: Amy EverettModesta Lucas Bravo grew up around coffee plants. Her parents harvested coffee as plantation workers in rural Guatemala. Growing coffee was hard work, and Modesta’s parents didn’t have enough income to send her to school.Eventually, Modesta moved to El Tineco, a commu

Campus Ministry Sparks Lifelong Leadership

Department: Author: Cassie Westrate“Individuals with disabilities are often included somewhere—and then they’re left behind,” said Peter Gordon, a campus minister at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). “I’m always trying to propel the students forward. What next?”Hailey was a freshman at GRCC wh

Not Useless: Light in Darkness

Department: Author: Heather HavemanLife is often difficult for people in China who are blind, as Wang Ying wrote in an online essay competition hosted by the Chinese ministry of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI).“People usually think that those who are born blind like me would be content

All Generations Worshiping Together

Department: Author: Syd HielemaWhat sorts of worship practices clearly proclaim that all ages are welcome as the community gathers for worship?The fourth grade Sunday school class at Meadowlands Christian Reformed Church in Ancaster, Ont., came up with an unusual answer to this question while plann

Living a Life of Unity

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansThose who attended Inspire 2017 were privileged to view a video that showed multiple speakers reciting the Apostles Creed. With each speaker voicing a single phrase, the compiled results provided an amazing testimony of belief, made all the more significant beca

The Journey of Inclusion

Department: Author: Chris Meehan One Sunday morning Beth Fellinger finished her sermon by asking everyone in the former restaurant/bar—now serving as a church—to stand and hold hands.Fellinger is the pastor at Destination Church in St. Thomas, Ont., a congregation that has been intentional about

The Ripple Effect . . . and Waiting

Department: Author: Kellie ScholmaBetween August and September 2017, three major hurricanes hit the United States. These storms had a ripple effect that caused difficult situations for many people. Hurricane Irma stormed through the Florida Keys in September 2017. In April 2018, a World Renew Disa

Uniéndose con Otras Religiones por el Bien de la Libertad Religiosa

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansBuscamos vivir fielmente en un mundo herido, dividido y quebrado. Parece, más y más, que el ser cristiano nos coloca en una categoría de irrelevantes, raros o incluso personas hostiles. Al igual que yo, puede que usted esté preocupado de que hay una erosión cons