Reader-Submitted Review: The World Must Know

Department: Author: Dan Vander HaarI have in my film collection about 110 movies that deal with the Jewish Holocaust of the 1930s and 1940s, as well as numerous books about that same theme—more accurately described as the Shoah. The notion of a Holocaust implies a burnt offering, something the Shoa


Department: Author: Micah Van DijkMusic critics describe Mumford & Sons’ Delta as a boring album full of “ponderous balladry” (The Guardian) that “falls into the trap of confusing seriousness with grimness” (Rolling Stone), eventually “landing squarely in the realm of mediocrity” (Pitchfork).On the

Women Talking

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen Feddema For two days in 2009, eight women in a Mennonite colony hold a clandestine meeting in the hayloft of a local farmer’s barn. Present also is August Epp, a man who, along with his parents, had been excommunicated from the colony when he was a boy and had

Silent Night

Department: Author: Jenny deGrootIt is hard to resist a beautiful Christmas book that combines a familiar text with a fresh artistic perspective. This year, Lara Hawthorne’s Silent Night fits that description. Hawthorne’s trademark style brings the Christmas carol’s story of the nativity to life as


Department: Author: Kristy Quist In Amazon’s new original series Homecoming, Julia Roberts stars as Heidi Bergman, a therapist who helped returning soldiers deal with PTSD at a facility called Homecoming. Until something happened. But what?This atmospheric, moody series from Mr. Robot creator Sam

Louisiana's Way Home

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen Feddema It’s nothing new when 12-year-old Louisiana’s granny wakes her in the middle of the night and tells her they have to leave home immediately. After all, over the years Granny has made numerous impulsive decisions that have unsettled the young girl’s lif

One More Song

Department: Author: Paul DelgerAshley Cleveland is a musical treasure perhaps unknown to many outside the music world. But the three-time Grammy winner has lent her vocals to over 300 albums inside and outside the Christian sphere. Cleveland’s tenth solo album, One More Song, tells personal stories

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Department: Author: Kristy Quist In this sequel to 2012’s animated feature Wreck-It Ralph, video arcade character Ralph is enjoying a predictable but fulfilling life. By day he performs his role as a character in the game. When the arcade closes down for the day, he hangs out with his videogame c

Journeys to Justice: Reflections on Canadian Christian Activism

Department: Author: James DekkerHow should churches deal with politics? Christian Reformed members are no strangers to this incandescent question. Many promote public justice as individuals but oppose any institutional church activism. Others believe the denomination should “advocate” but not “lobb

The Lowdown

Department: Author: Good Sport: The latest release in the Calvin Shorts series, Sport. Faith. Life. by Brian R. Bolt, offers a quick, engaging overview of how our love for God intersects with our love of competitive play. (Calvin Press)Ring It On: The Embellish Handbell Ensemble and Chicago Bronze

Watching and Waiting

Department: Author: Richard ClarkThe season of Advent is tonally dulled, a time characterized more by patience, waiting, and perseverance than by the kinds of climactic action scenes we see in most Hollywood movies. With that in mind, here are a few movies to watch before Christmas rolls around.To


Department: Author: Paul DelgerDecorated Christian music artist Russ Taff has earned multiple Dove and Grammy awards and holds a place in the Gospel Music Association’s Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Taff’s versatility is on full display with Believe, his first new album in more than seven years.The ve

Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing

Department: Author: Jenny deGrootJay Stringer’s Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing stands out as a fresh approach for people who struggle with the impact of broken sexuality and pornography addiction. The author is as forthright and open about the beauty of God-given human s

Hip Hop Nutcracker

Department: Author: Natasha TripplettPeter Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet The Nutcracker is a timeless Christmas masterpiece that has been an endearing tradition for generations. While there is no replacement for this nostalgic theater performance, The Hip Hop Nutcracker provides an alternate interpr


Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen Feddema What’s it like to live in a house that’s in shambles, and to live with the threat of becoming unsheltered, either as an individual, family, or nation?In this novel for adults, renowned author Barbara Kingsolver skillfully weaves together the stories of

A Short Story about a War

Department: Author: Micah Van DijkWe don’t make war, we make sure there’s order.We just follow orders, we just fill orders for more. —“The Revolution/The Establishment”In Shad’s new album A Short Story about a War, every listener can relate to one of the characters. Set in a fictional desert war

Green Book

Department: Author: Kristy Quist Powerful acting rescues a feel-good film that garners a few too many laughs from the racism it attempts to decry.In the fall of 1962, Tony “Lip” Vallelonga is laid off from his job as a nightclub bouncer while the club undergoes repairs. Dr. Don Shirley is a wealt

Ocean Meets Sky

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen Feddema Young Finn remembers the fascinating stories his grandfather told him about the place where ocean meets sky. But Grandpa has died.Finn builds a boat out of scrap wood to honor Grandpa on what would have been his 90th birthday. When the boat is complete

Reader-Submitted Review: Elihu, Innkeeper’s Lad

Department: Author: Patricia RamsdenElihu, Innkeeper’s Lad is a beautiful rendering of the Christmas story intended for children. The story includes age-appropriate and realistic details of Christ’s birth through the eyes of a child of the time. Its rhyming verse and Gloria Weisz’s beautiful illust