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Posted on The Network by Andrew Ryskamp on 03/21/2019

Managing The Leadership Role of Deacons

This article reviews the functions that flow out of the 'oath of office' deacons take when they are installed in their role. Find suggestions and numerous links as to how deacons can faithfully fulfill this leadership function.

Posted on The Network by Ruth Kelder on 03/21/2019

Come Hungry: The Table Is Set

What might happen if we change our posture so that Jesus is the host of our Bible discovery conversations?

Posted on The Network by Andrew Ryskamp on 03/20/2019

Introducing Justice Initiatives: The Role of Deacons

This article helps a diaconate think through how to respond to their call to "be prophetic critics of the waste, injustice, and selfishness in our society" and provides helpful links to a host of resources.

Posted on The Network by Syd Hielema on 03/19/2019

Living in the Land of Ambiguous Fruitfulness

I’m very curious to hear how synod will discern what fruitfulness looks like, especially because I struggle with it so much myself.

Posted on The Network by David Den Haan on 03/19/2019

Regional Pastors Bookshelf: The New Copernicans

“Where have all the young adults gone?” If you are a regional pastor, or a resource and friend to the pastors of your classis, this book has helpful insights on the young adults of our culture.

Posted on The Network by Phillip Leo on 03/19/2019

These Are My Thoughts on FIRE

No, my actual thoughts aren’t on fire. Instead, here are my thoughts on the FIRE (Financial Independence Retiring Early) movement that’s picking up steam and making headlines.

Posted on The Network by Safe Church Ministry on 03/19/2019

Safe Church Takes First Steps in Chinese

Safe Church in Chinese? How did this come about? You may have noticed something new (Chinese characters!) if you follow Safe Church on The Network. The following interview will help us understand.

Posted on The Network by Linda Roorda on 03/19/2019

My Lenten Focus

As I prepare myself spiritually this Lenten season to focus more intently on Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection, Carolyn’s words echo the thoughts of my heart.

Posted on The Network by Corey Van Huizen on 03/14/2019

Prayer: Here's Why

Why bother praying at all? For the reward!

Posted on The Network by Safe Church Ministry on 03/13/2019

April: Full of Safe Church Opportunities!

April is designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the U.S. and in many Canadian provinces. In addition, April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month in the U.S. What can we learn and do in April to end sexual abuse in our churches and communities?

Posted on The Network by Worship Ministries on 03/13/2019

CRC Worship Survey Results

In this webinar Joyce Borger, Director of Worship Ministries, presents many interesting statistics and findings gathered from the recent 2018 CRC Worship Survey.

Posted on The Network by Safe Church Ministry on 03/12/2019

Opportunity to Serve on the Safe Church Ministry Advisory Committee

Currently the Advisory Committee of Safe Church has a few openings for new members for a term of three years. Please submit your application via this google form which has some questions that will help us understand more about you! Please note, that the deadline to apply is Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Posted on The Network by Sam DeJong McCarron on 03/06/2019


Setting and accomplishing goals, especially in the context of ministry, can be challenging! If you add accountability and an incentive you are much more likely to accomplish your goal.

Posted on The Network by Andrew Ryskamp on 03/05/2019

The Deacon’s Role in Seeking Biblical Justice

This article serves as a quick resource for deacons thinking through their response to their justice mandate. Find links to key resources for orientation, as well as helpful worship resources!

Posted on The Network by Office of Social Justice on 03/05/2019

NEW CRC Worship Resources on Care for Creation

Christian Reformed people from all walks of life have expressed their love and care for creation in this new crowd-sourced (and meticulously reviewed) collection of worship materials.

Posted on The Network by Church Juice on 03/05/2019

Podcast: Why Easter?

Church Juice's podcast kicks off Season 2 with a big question: Why does Easter get so much attention?