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Posted on The Network by Diaconal Ministries Canada on 07/18/2019

Electronic Giving and YOUR Church

How can churches ensure that their members are given the opportunity to support the church's ministries in ways that are accessible and readily available?

Posted on The Network by Steve Sayer on 07/17/2019

Accommodations of the Heart Matter More

Here’s something I’m learning way too late in life: All the accommodations we make so people can enter a physical space make no difference if we can’t make accommodations in our hearts.

Posted on The Network by Barb Cole on 07/17/2019

Protecting Innocence in a Digital World

Chris McKenna, founder of Protect Young Eyes, recently spoke at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about protecting children on the internet. He will also be a featured workshop leader at Inspire 2019.

Posted on The Network by Faith Alive on 07/17/2019

Building Community

When you are intentional about building community, God is pleased. Do your best and ask God do the rest.

Posted on The Network by Worship Ministries on 07/17/2019

Worship Peer Learning Groups Forming

You are invited to join or lead a worship peer learning group this fall! Worship Ministries is excited about these groups and offers support by providing study books.

Posted on The Network by Staci Devries on 07/16/2019

Hymns From a Hospital Room

These hymns were written by a young couple facing an unexpected hardship. They have freely shared them with others and I hope they encourage you, like they did me.

Posted on The Network by Andrew Ryskamp on 07/16/2019

Bridge of Hope Ministries Sees Appreciative Shift

Bridge of Hope Church in Sioux Center Iowa recently attended a workshop focused on the role of deacons as leaders in the life of the church. Here's what happened.

Posted on The Network by Andrew Ryskamp on 07/16/2019

Guelph New Life Deacons Refresh Vision

As the deacons at New Life CRC in Geulph, ON, set out to define their vision, they resonated with the words of Synod 2016 calling deacons to be not only servants, but catalysts.

Posted on The Network by Al Postma on 07/16/2019

Classis by Video

Can classis meetings happen by video? Should they?

Posted on The Network by CRCNA Chaplaincy and Care on 07/16/2019

Chaplains Training 2019 Recap

Chaplains Training has always been a great time for chaplains to learn, worship together, and reconnect with their denominational roots. In 2019, we saw some wonderful changes that made this event memorable.

Posted on The Network by Office of Social Justice on 07/12/2019

U.S. Southern Border Crisis Litany

If you’re not sure what to say, or how to say it, when leading a prayer for the children who are still incarcerated in camps at the U.S. southern border, consider these words based on Psalm 28.

Posted on The Network by Amy Schenkel on 07/11/2019

Sending or Receiving?

Do you remember, like me, sending Bibles in other languages to churches around the world? Today, the tables have turned and now many in the church see North America as the mission field.

Posted on The Network by Diaconal Ministries Canada on 07/09/2019

6 Ways to Stay Motivated This Summer

How can your diaconate (and church!) get the rest you need AND stay motivated during these cherished summertime months here in Canada?

Posted on The Network by Andrew Ryskamp on 07/09/2019

Futurist Seeks CRC input

Tom Sine, Christian author and futurist, has a list of questions for a new book he is writing. Help him with his research by answering his questions.

Posted on The Network by CRCNA Chaplaincy and Care on 07/09/2019

New Faces in Chaplaincy: July 2019

Chaplaincy and Care Ministry recently endorsed two new chaplains: Amie Spriensma and Victor Perez-Ballesteros. Learn about the lives and ministries of our two newest chaplains!

Posted on The Network by John Span on 07/09/2019

Resources for Preaching on the Miracles of Jesus

In this short piece, I will highlight four books that have been helpful in sermon preparation on the miracles of Jesus, a subject which occupies about 20% of the contents of the Gospels.