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Posted on The Network by Resonate Global Mission on 12/13/2018

Your Guide for Communicating With Missionaries in Closed Countries

Some missionaries serve in countries where Christians are persecuted—but don't let security concerns dissuade you from writing to them. Follow these guidelines to help keep them and the people they work with safe.

Posted on The Network by Ron DeVries on 12/13/2018

1,000,000 or a Name

According to research from Fuller Youth Institute, American churches may lose 33,000,000 emerging adults by 2050. I'm convinced that we cannot look at the “numbers" and be satisfied until we get to know the “names.”

Posted on The Network by Karen DeBoer on 12/13/2018

Four Fresh Ways to Tell the Christmas Story at Family Gatherings

Have you ever ended a family Christmas celebration and realized you’d skipped telling the story you’d gathered to celebrate? Start a new tradition this year by using one of these meaningful and fun intergenerational storytelling ideas.

Posted on The Network by Scott DeVries on 12/11/2018

Escaping the "Death by Committee" Trap

I began to realize that committee work is an act of loving another—whether in deliberating a big decision, or in sharing a common witness of work God is already doing among us.

Posted on The Network by Resonate Global Mission on 12/11/2018

Faith Through the Eyes of Newcomers

“I have heard German believers say they believe God has sent this large influx of refugees to Germany in order to bring renewal to the German Church,” said Resonate Global Mission missionary David Kromminga.

Posted on The Network by Kris VanEngen on 12/11/2018

A Light in the Midst of Dark Immigration Rhetoric

...what's changed is that over many years political leaders have made immigration appear dangerous, corrupt and illegal—even on the occasions when it is actually totally legal according to our laws.

Posted on The Network by Michele Gyselinck on 12/06/2018

On Mental Illnesses and Head Knowledge

Many people in the CRC complain that our denomination tends to favor head knowledge at the expense of the heart. But for people who live with mental illnesses, basing our faith on knowledge acts as an anchor against raging emotions.

Posted on The Network by Syd Hielema on 12/04/2018

Jesus at the Sleazy Diner

To my great surprise, the musical food was more nourishing than the physical food. And I wondered if that Flint diner had some things in common with that stable in Bethlehem.

Posted on The Network by Bart Velthuizen on 12/04/2018

#Churchtoo - the Play, the Drama

The play, #ChurchToo, effectively and artfully touched on themes such as power imbalances, denial, silence, grooming, guilt on the part of the victim, and male heroes in the Bible who used their power and position to victimize women.

Posted on The Network by Rachael Sypkes on 12/04/2018

#EducationTogether: Closing the Indigenous Education Gap

The Auditor General reports that 24% of Indigenous students graduate high school, as opposed to the national average of 90%. See how the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue is responding.

Posted on The Network by CRC Communications on 12/04/2018

Denominational Survey - Church Promotion Resources

Every year, one fifth of Christian Reformed churches are invited to participate in the CRCNA denominational survey. If your church is invited to participate this year, here are some resources to encourage participation in your congregation.

Posted on The Network by Lis Van Harten on 11/29/2018

The Wife of the Pastor

I loved that my husband was the pastor. That he was called into ministry. And I was eager to walk alongside him, supporting and encouraging him as I was able. What I didn’t want was to be seen as “part of the package.”

Posted on The Network by Mike Hoyer on 11/28/2018

The Pittsburgh Shooting and Peace of Mind During Worship

Last month’s incident at a Pittsburgh synagogue has led me to wonder, “Do greeters and ushers need more training?” What if someone with the wrong motives were to walk through the church doors?