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Yearbook 2019 Available

Both the hard-copy and digital versions of the Christian Reformed Church in North America’s 2019 Yearbook and Supplement are now available.

From Pew to Canoe

How can churches use ice fishing and hunting to share the Gospel? Read the story and attend Inspire 2019 to learn more.

Going on Prayer Safari

Sponsored by Resonate Global Mission, the Global Prayer Safari 2019 started on Friday, Feb. 1, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and from there went south.

Equipping Worldwide Leaders

Sam Ren’s passion for learning has earned him an impressive set of academic accolades. More importantly, it has led him to discover Christ.

A Tribute to Jerry Jonker

On February 25 God called longtime volunteer, entrepreneur, and BTGMI supporter Jerry Jonker home at age 98.

Food Aid for Syria

As a mother in war-torn Syria, uncertainty has become a regular part of Martiza’s life, yet World Renew has been a consistent presence.

Time to 'Do it Again'!

In 2017, 850 people gathered for a new kind of CRC event. This summer, we’ll have a chance to “do it again.”

Leaving a Legacy

Nearly 125 years after 31 Dutch settlers officially organized a Christian Reformed church in Pease, Minn., current members of the church are looking ahead and planning for the upcoming century.